About Us:

Two Rivers Community Land Trust (CLT) acquires and rehabilitates existing homes and in some instances constructs new homes. Two Rivers has 56 homes scattered across the St. Croix River Valley.  The communities include: Andover, Bayport, Blaine, Cottage Grove, Forest Lake, Oakdale, St Paul Park, Stillwater, and Spring Lake Park.  Buyers can find a reasonably priced home in good condition with Two Rivers. A CLT acquires land and removes it from the speculative, for-profit, real estate market and holds it "in trust".  Qualified buyers purchase the home but not the land, paying instead a small ground lease fee.  This is part of how the home is afforable.  Interested in getting startes?  Complete this Pre-Application to start the process.

Continued Homeowner Support After purchase

· Answer property questions.

· Referrals to service providers for personal, household, and financial needs.

· Provide social and networking opportunities.

· Assist with the resale of the home.

Ownership: The CLT owns the land under the house and the owner owns the home, similar to a condo/townhome development. Two Rivers CLT owners pay a $35 per month land lease fee.

Resale: In exchange for the lower purchase price, when the owner chooses to sell their home, they agree to take their earned equity plus 25% of the increase in the value of their home upon sale.