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Investing in
Our Communities

Two Rivers Community Land Trust buys, rehabilitates and sells homes in Washington County, Minnesota. We sell them at a lower price than comparable homes in the same area, to people that qualify as low-to-moderate income* in Washington County. We do this with the help of federal, state and local contributions. 

We do this because of our mission: To provide permanently affordable housing for low and moderate income individuals, families and households earning up to 80% median income in Washington County, Minnesota.

The goal is to provide a path to home ownership for people in Washington County who would not otherwise be able to own a home of their own. For more information on how we do it and for other resources, follow the links below. Because home is for everyone.

* Two Rivers Community Land Trust is an income-qualified program. If, at any time in the application process, it is shown that your income and assets exceed the limits of the program, your application will be disqualified. Approval of your application is contingent on all of the following: lender pre-approval, Two Rivers approval and the approval of the granting agencies.

Easy Ways to Support Our Mission

Our organization is funded through a combination of public and private sources. We are only able to do what we do with that funding, but the need for affordable housing is growing greater. Please join us in our efforts to meet that need.

To make a donation through GiveMN - any time of the year -  click below. 
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To make a donation directly to our organization, click below.
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