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Assistance Available
to Two Rivers Homeowners 

News from HomeHelp MN

Funds are limited; you can check the availability of funds on the Applications Dashboard on the HomeHelpMN site. Applications received after available funds are reserved may be put on a waitlist.  

If you already received HomeHelpMN assistance, you may be eligible for additional assistance if you experienced another COVID-19 related hardship.  

You will need to submit a new application, and the total assistance of all applications cannot exceed $50,000. 

To learn more or apply for assistance, visit the HomeHelpMN website or call 800.388.3226. 

If you are behind on your mortgage or worried about foreclosure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, HomeHelpMN from Minnesota Housing may be able to help.  

HomeHelpMN may be able to assist if you have past-due payments on your mortgage, property taxes, or possibly other home-related expenses.

If you are behind on payments, you should apply as soon as possible. 

Resource Directory Available

The Washington County Family Resource Guide is a comprehensive directory for resources that covers everything from financial counseling to volunteer opportunities, by clicking on the image to the right. One thing to note: the guide is from 2020, so may have items that need updating. 

Annual Reports & Newsletters

Two Rivers publishes its Annual Report in December and makes it available to the public. You can find past reports below, as well as some of our past newsletters, which offer insights into what we do and why we do it. Also featured in the newsletters are some stories from our homeowners and others involved in the ongoing mission of Two Rivers Community Land Trust.

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