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A Community Land Trust (CLT) is a private nonprofit organization created to acquire and hold land for the benefit of a community while providing access to permanently affordable housing. CLTs are governed by a board of directors made up of community members and CLT homeowners, which are elected by members of the CLT.

Homebuyers with CLT programs purchase only the house and enter into a long-term agreement — a 99-year ground lease — with the CLT to lease the land. By taking the cost of the land out of the real estate transaction, land trust homes are more affordable than houses on the open real estate market. These homes cost less than market rate homes and are sold to families with limited incomes. When a family decides to sell a CLT home, they sell only the house to another family with a limited income for the price that is determined by the resale formula in the ground lease. By keeping the house "in trust," the home stays affordable for future generations.

Community Land

A Win-Win


Community land trusts provide access to homeownership for people who cannot afford homes for sale on the real estate market. Homeowner benefits include:

  • Lower costs to enter homeownership

  • Greater housing security than renting

  • Stable monthly payments

  • Security from eviction

  • Opportunity to build equity through homeownership

  • Home and ground lease can be willed to heirs

  • Ongoing support from the CLT

The CLT owns the land under the house and the owner owns the home, similar to a condo/ townhome development. Two Rivers CLT owners pay a nominal monthly land lease fee.



In exchange for the lower purchase price, when the owner chooses to sell their home, they agree to take their earned equity plus 25% of the increase in the value of their home upon sale.


Two Rivers Community Land Trust sells homes that are move-in ready and affordable for income-eligible homebuyers. We look for properties that are located in desirable neighborhoods with access to public transportation, schools, jobs, and other neighborhood amenities. Before Two Rivers puts a home on the market, we make sure that needed improvements are completed, such as energy efficiency updates, deferred maintenance repairs, and, if needed, remediation of lead paint issues. Two Rivers makes aesthetic improvements, inside and outside. Homeowners who buy a TRCLT home get a quality home at an affordable price, as well as ongoing homeowner support from TRCLT.

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