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Two Rivers CLT Homebuyer Pre-Application

I'm interested in: (Please check all that apply)
Income Information

Include gross earnings - total paycheck before deductions - for all members of household 18 years and older.

If a question does not apply to you or your household, you may leave it blank.

Please note that questions with an asterisk* require an answer to complete the application.

Asset Information

List all assets (checking, savings, retirement, stocks, 401k, CDs) for all household members 18 and older.

Account 1

Account 2

Account 3

Account 4


Please list all monthly payments (auto loans, school loans, credit cards, personal loans, child support, etc).

Account 1

Account 2

Account 3

Account 4


Check any that apply and add details in the corresponding spaces.

Please Note:

Because there are very specific details that apply to a community land trust home loan , Two Rivers CLT has a list of lenders that have proven experience with these loans.

With the information you submit on this form, we will determine if you are eligible to continue on to the full application, which goes further in depth. If you are eligible, we will send you a link to our full application along with the list of approved lenders. You will need to contact one of those lenders to apply for a home loan pre-approval. 

If you have already been pre-approved with a lender that is not on the Two Rivers CLT lender list, you will still need to complete the process with our approved lenders. But knowing you are already pre-approved helps us to know your price range and other factors.

For the questions below, please choose the option that applies to you and supply the requested information.

By cIicking the "Submit" button below, I / we certify that all of the information in this application, and all information furnished to support this application, is given for the purpose of obtaining affordable homeownership through Two Rivers Community Land Trust, and is true and complete to the best of my / our knowledge and belief.

Thank you. We will contact you soon.

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